Brian G. Bexton - In Memoriam

$ 8,303 raised

In Memoriam of Brian G. Bexton, Honorary Vice President of Relief - The Path to Mental Health (formerly Revivre)

Known as a caring healer to so many over the years and pioneering advocate for mental health, he leaves behind an important legacy with a ripple effect of compassion that will continue to uplift future generations. 

Brian was a pillar for Relief in demystifying mental health. He was a member of the board of directors for 29 years, his volunteer involvment as a speaker and popularizer with the Québec population has enabled many people to live better with anxiety, depression or bipolarity. He often said that ''the person living with anxiety, depression or bipolarity is the expert in their own lif and not just any professional around them''. He was a pioneer, before we talked about self-management, to empower people in their recovery.

Dr. Aron Portnoy | $ 100.00
In honor of Dr. Brian Bexton's memory and legacy. For the many contributions he...
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In memory of Dr Brian Bexton, a good man "For life and death are one, even...